Our Style

If we were to have to describe our style of wedding photography, we would describe our role at a wedding to being similar to that of a photojournalist.  We are there to record the story of your day through our photographs.

It’s all about YOU

We like to imagine you, your children and your grandchildren, sitting together one day in the future. You would be leafing through your wedding album and retelling the story that we have captured for you in photographs.

The images that we capture will show who you were then and portray how you were feeling on the day that you got married. To make the story come to life, we concentrate on the interactions between people and the special moments that occur throughout the day.

Our Style

We will use our photojournalistic skills, and all our years of photography experience to create reportage style images as well as the usual portrait style wedding photographs. Even in the portrait photographs, we will use techniques that we have learned over the years to ensure that everyone feels at ease and looks perfectly natural when a photograph is taken.

We are very proud of the fact that our wedding photography creates albums filled with pictures of people in natural poses, not people stood stiffly to attention as they did for wedding photographs in years gone by.

On the wedding day itself, you will find that our photographers are completely unobtrusive. We believe that a photographer is there to document your story, not to become a part of it. Apart from the formal wedding portrait shots that we will take, you will not find our wedding photographers shepherding people around into poses. For the most part, in fact, you will barely notice that we are there at all. We will be somewhere in the background taking photographs while you and your friends and family enjoy your special day.

Every wedding is different

Of course, weddings are quite structured events. There are certain elements of a wedding that everyone wants to have a photograph of. Those will be an important part of your wedding album too. Yet every couple brings something new to the wedding experience. We will capture both the formal elements of a wedding, as well as the personal moments. These will make, what is otherwise a fairly orchestrated event, a product that is very unique and personal to you.

Over the years, we have discovered that our forte is telling stories and that’s what we love doing. However, we don’t create the story; we are there to document the story that is happening around us. You, your partner, your family and friends, and the events of the day are the real-life story. That’s  exactly what we will capture in the wedding photographs that we create for you.

Would you to know more about our unique storytelling wedding photography? Please do feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements. We would be honoured to be invited to record all those special moments of your wedding day for you.