While the initial “wow” factor of a well-taken photograph is important; so too are the lasting memories that it will create. We believe that it’s crucial for a photographer to create beautiful images that will evoke emotions when looked back upon in years to come. The very best photographs are those will come to mean more to you as the years go by. We call these pictures “growers”.

Up till yesterday morning this picture was, in my eyes, a decent photograph. Anyone owning the appropriate equipment and skill set could have taken it. Nothing extraordinary.

This photo is an excellent example of a “grower”.

One could argue that we are emotionally tied to this place. Like it did with many other couples, the azure window acted as a backdrop to our post-wedding photo session.

Our kids are too young; they won’t remember anything about the azure window when they will grow up. The photo enlargement we just ordered will ensure they’ll know exactly what nature graced their parents with… until erosion inevitably took it away.