Joanna couldn’t possibly have been a day over 12 years old when I pulled up in front of their house to pick up Maria for the first time. I can still vividly remember her peeking from behind the garage door. She wasn’t alone; her elder sister and partner in crime was with her. A curios smile brightened their face. I tried to warm them up by saying “Hello”, but timidity got the better of them. Worst case scenario (for me), I made their day cos now they could fill up their parents with fresh information with regards to “Maria’s boyfriend”.

Fast forward many years. Joanna has grown into a beautiful young woman. She held a part time job while reading for her University degree. Only God knows when, or how she first met Andrew. Her tongue may be witty, but she sure knows how to conceal information when she wants. Bless her.

Andrew, a lawyer by profession, is an amazing, likeable man. They easily manage to bring the best out of each other.

Having a couple entrusting you to photograph one of their most important days of their life is an absolute honour. No matter how many weddings we photographed, it is always a humbling experience when a couple asks me to shoot their wedding. In the case of your sister in law assigning you this task, a whirlwind of emotions takes over.

My wife and two young children (the youngest was only 3 months old) were part of the wedding party. This demanded a more thorough logistical planning. Thankfully, Andrew is a very meticulous person. He started planning his big day from over two years out, and this helped me a great deal. My respected colleague Frans helped me out as a second shooter. His dedication and professionalism make him an excellent wingman, ready to take over in those few instances where family duties required me elsewhere.

From here I’d also like to give out a shout of acknowledgement to the following service providers that contributed towards Joanna and Andrew’s big day.